A Real Success

Left arm amputee casualty simulation actress




The Full Story

I became an amputee from a tragic accident in 1982 in Majorca. The accident was a unique experience that left me with an amputated arm just below the shoulder. But has brought me closer to the person I am today.

Being an amputee is not all about what I do not have than what I can do with what I have left.

As an amputee I tried to fit in and do everything myself as independently as I could. Although every job I was successful in they did not fit my character or need to show my capabilities.

While on maternity leave with my children I was able to explore into other roles that are specially designed around amputees. Which was CASSIM, Casualty simulation.

Please come see more of my story and look into what other work I have been involved in and will continue to be as an option for any amputee.



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