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Supplier and coordinator of Amputee CASSIM (Casualty Simulation) Actors & role players for the purpose of the emergency services and military medics to train and to practice the intense methods and techniques for saving lives and ensuring security for all.

We aim to bring the intense first hand responder training to front line staff and organisations for everyone to understand and aid the emergency services with priorities and first hand saving techniques.



The Full Story

I became an amputee from a tragic accident in 1982 in Majorca. The accident was a unique experience that left me with an amputated arm just below the shoulder. But has brought me closer to the person I am today.

Being an amputee is not all about what I do not have than what I can do with what I have left.

As an amputee I tried to fit in and do everything myself as independently as I could. Although every job I was successful in they did not fit my character or need to show my capabilities.

While on maternity leave with my children I was able to explore into other roles that are specially designed around amputees. Which was CASSIM, Casualty simulation.

Please come see more of my story and look into what other work I have been involved in and will continue to be as an option for any amputee.


Sebrofs Emporium can provide professional and long time casualty simulation actors. We can provide more realistic and intense of an experience in any training exercise or security event. To aid the emergency services with the first hand emergence responder training.


We hope to bring a general basic supply of items that will include whistles or bandages.

Coming Soon


Private and confidential is the name of the game. Sebrofs Emporium has potential for furthering ideas and expanding into various projects that are awaiting investment or further assistance for completion.

If you would like more details please use the contact us page.


The UK have a deep understanding of the benefits of research. As an amputee I have been involved in a number of research studies. These studies can aid in the progression of better prosthetics or the understanding of phantom feelings and pain control. 

The studies are always looking for amputees to aid with there research and would love to hear of any amputees that are happy to answer a few questions.

I have listed the studies I have been involved in and have permission to share with you, please read more to see my stories and the help the studies can bring to those that are often forgotten.

Read more


Diversity Modelling is where the unusual or not the sociable norm.....

Here you can see the opportunities for amputees in modelling.

Follow the unique and inspiring stories of other amputees


Professional and long time amputee actors for casualty simulation working with organisations such as the emergency services and military medics.

Further exercises also include internal first hand responder training & Intense first aid for front line staff of any corporation or organisation.



From acting to modelling, from TV to CASSIM and everything inbetween. You can see what an amputee can do and the capabilities an amputee can have with in some dangerous and vital training for the emergency services

Amputees working for and with Amputees



Amputee Portfolios here.
Please view our amputee portfolios to see what other work we are involved in and where we can show the capabilities of an amputee.

Emergency response can be from any person on the scene when an event happens that required medical assistance.
Training will be provided to prepare and educate every day people to aid the emergency services in an urgent and potentially dangerous situation.


Diversity Modelling is where an amputee can get into the fashion or catalogue modelling. The days we live in today the general public requires models to be more realistic and more like the everyday person.



Swindon, Wiltshire

01793 533389 or 0789 171 3656


01793 533389 or 0789 171 3656

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